Bring the world to you! 

Experience international culture without leaving home by hosting a BFF international exchange student! Host an exchange student for rewarding opportunities to share your culture, and get to know a student from another country.

Host a Student, Change Lives

Hosting is your chance to change the world for the better!

Our purpose at BFF is to promote world peace through cultivating opportunities for cultural and educational exchanges. These exchanges allow people to learn more about each other’s core values. We bring the international traveler and the host family together to create meaningful relationships through which we celebrate our differences and similarities.

When you agree to become a host family, you are helping us propel our vision of a more peaceful world into existence. By opening your heart and home to an exchange visitor, you are creating a connection like none other, a connection that has the potential to change the world. While your student is here, he or she will gain a new perspective on American culture.  Equally important, a new perspective on his or her culture will be gained by you as the host family.


Hosting is also fun! Having an exchange visitor living with you is a way to always see your own world through fresh eyes. Take an exchange student to the grocery store and what once was a mundane task of necessity, has become an exploration of the cereal isle!

Find out more about hosting a student by completing this inquiry form. Someone on our staff will contact you ASAP to discuss how you can be involved!


However, it is the broader community reach that helps propel our vision forward. As the student is here, he or she begins to interact with others in your family, schools, and community and brings with him or her a new look into the culture of his or her country. It is with this new look and in getting to know the student, that people everywhere start to realize that we are as similar as we are different, perhaps more so. It is this realization, this understanding of one another’s humanness that empowers us to create peaceful solutions in today’s global world.

Hosting is your chance to help mold future world leaders! Whether your student is a business professional, a politician, or a stay-at-home parent in the future, the experience they have here, their host family, will help write on the slate that is their future.